Amazing Health Benefits in Pineapple Nutrition Facts

Amazing Health Benefits in Pineapple Nutrition Facts - Do you know the pineapple nutrition facts for every cup of the tropical fruit you consume? This fact will surely surprise you and you will never again say no to pineapples ever again. After all, it is not difficult to keep on consuming pineapples as they can be cooked into delicious meals and cakes and transformed to healthy and refreshing drinks. There are simply countless meals and drinks that can be so enjoyable with pineapple as the addition, but when we want to talk about health, then we should leave out the alcoholic drinks. Here is the fact, in 100 grams, the fresh pineapples can give you:
50 Kcal Energy
13.52 g Carbohydrates
0.54 g Protein
0.12 g Total Fat
1.40 g Dietary Fiber
10 ug Folates
0.500 mg Niacin
0.112 mg Pyridoxine
0.018 mg Riboflavin
0.079 mg Thiamin
58 IU Vitamin A
47.8 mg Vitamin C
0.02 mg Vitamin E
0.07 ug Vitamin K
1 mg Sodium
109 mg Potassium
13 mg Calcium
0.110 mg Copper
0.29 mg Iron
12 mg Magnesium
8 mg Phosphorus
30 ug Beta Carotene

That is a long list isnt it? But what does the list mean? What can those vitamins do for us?

1. the Benefits of Anti Inflammatory and Digestive

Bromelain can be found in the stem and core of the pineapple. This enzyme is belived to able to provide the pineapple cosumers with degestive and anti inflammmatory benefits. In fact, according to the research, the enzyme has the ability to reduce certain types of tumor growth, excessive inflammation and also excessive blood coagulation. But there has not been any studies, showing that the benefits can resulted from the pineapple fruit in normal meal, rather it is from the dietary supplement of bromelain.

2. Immune Support and Antioxidant Protection

The pineapple fruit is rich of vitamin C and therefore the pineapple is a great source of water soluble antioxidant. This antioxidant will fight to defend the aqueous areas of the bodies from free radicals that can damage and attack the normal cells.

Another vitamin and mineral that is in the pineapple fruit is the manganese and vitamin B1 (Thiamin). The combination of both is to produce antioxidant defenses and also energy production.

3. Reducing and Reviving Macular Degeneration

It is normal for older people to be suffering from age related macular or shortened with ARMD. However, there are cases where people from younger ages start to earlier. To avoid this, you will need to be consuming at least 3 ervings of fruit per day. In a study, it has been noted that about 40% of those with less visions are the persons who have less than 2 servings of fruit per day.


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