Calories in Tomatoes and Their Health Benefits

How many calories in a tomato? By now you must have heard of the tomato diet. This type of diet appeals to many people as it is the natural and healthy ways of diet. It is quite similar to the pineapple diet. The low calories in tomatoes as well as their health benefits are the perfect mix for the diet. So who can say no to them? They are sweet, delicious, healthy and low in calories. One drawback of tomatoes is the fact the fruit is not for everyone. Some people cannot consume them because they are showing allergic reactions toward tomatoes.

Like pineapple, tomatoes are high in water. When you eat the fruit, you will be able to be full and when you are full, you would be less likely to eat more. Simply eat more tomatoes and get the benefits as they would make you slimmer in no time. This is one of the best way to get slim, the healthy way. Of course you would have to do exercise too so that you will have a firmer and better body shape. Slim is not enough. If you want the bodies like those celebrities in television screens, eat low calories tomatoes as well hit the gym.
In some countries, tomatoes are the favorite for cooking ingredients. The United States and Italy would make the perfect examples. Both countries use fresh tomatoes, tomato sauce, tomato paste and other types of tomatoes in so many dishes that they have become an inseparable part of the kitchen. Have you ever imagined how the pasta would taste without the sweet and sour flavor of tomatoes? I do not think so.

The tomatoes may seem small in size or at least comparatively small in size. But they are compact with mineral and vitamin contents. The tomatoes are the perfect source for vitamin C, vitamin A and a mineral called lycopene. This is the reason why tomatoes are the perfect antioxidant. When our level of antioxidant in the body is high, then we would have a good immune system and when we do have a good immune system, we would not be easy to conquer by those nasty viruses.

Tomatoes, no matter in what color, contain lycopene. Although many people said that the mineral is the one responsible for the red color of tomato, but actually you can find lycopene in the yellow and other tomato colors. According to a study, the yellow tomatoes have a different kind of lycopene which can be absorbed better by the human body.


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