Does a Pineapple Grow from a Pineapple Tree?

Pineapple Plant - Many people think that a pineapple fruit comes from a tree. Just because it is a fruit, it does not mean that it does not come from trees. Another fruit that does not come from a tree is the berries. The pineapple plant is fairly small. It is only a meter high and each plant has only one fruit at a time. The plant can even grow in a pot and this only means that the fruit can easily grow inside the rooms. It is not common for a tropical fruit to be able to be grown indoor. That is why pineapple plants can be grown even on the areas that are not considered as tropical areas.

Not only that it can grow indoors, it is also very easy to grow. It is so easy that some people say that the plant is ridiculously easy to grow. It almost does not need any care at all. Moreover, you can choose to grow the plant with so many different ways. You can grow it by taking the crown of the fruit and replant it. You can also grow it by taking its seeds.
There are so many facts about pineapple plants to make them so attractive for so many farmers. The first is the fact that they do not need so much water. As they have tough leaves, they do not loose so much water from evaporation, therefore they tend to keep what they get and they can live only from very little water. The next fact is that the pineapple plants do not need high quality soil. They prefer slightly acid soil, though, but they can still live with almost whatever soil they can get. One of the reasons why they can live in different soil types is the fact that they are one of the bromeliads family and like other bromeliads, they have a big root system to allow them to have high living survival.

Pineapple plants love sun. They want to have full sun, however they can do quite well even without sun. This is why many people use pineapple plant as indoor decoration plant. But if they do live indoor, their fruits tend to not be as good as they are outdoor under the sun. As for the leaves, they can burn if they are in touch with concentrated fertilizers. They do not so much fertilizers and therefore it may be wise to give a good amount of fertilizers and care to not touch the leaves.


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